New Cropped Ear German Boxer Deutscher Dog Pet Charm Pendant Necklace Collar Tag

One(1) piece of Stainless Steel CRopped Ear German Boxer Dog Pet Charm Pendant with one(1) Free 23-inch-long Chain Necklace!

Unique & Collectible!  It will turn heads!

Second to none!  This may be the only Stainless Steel Cropped Ear German Boxer Dog pendant available in ebay!

Great gift for Boxer owners and lovers!

Size of Pendant: approx.  1.0 inch(H) x 1.0 inch(W) x 0.1 inch(Thick)

Length of Chain Necklace: approx. 23 inches long

This pendant is made of Durable Stainless Steel!

Important Note:

1/ This item is for adults but not for kids because its edge may be sharp and harmful to kids.

2/ 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.  In case that you have any issues with the item or delivery, please kindly communicate with me first before you leave any feedback.  I am always here to serve you well, please kindly be considerate.

3/ All the measurements and weight are best estimates.  The actual item may be different in some extents. 

4/ The FREE chain in this deal may not be exactly as shown in the pictures!